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Product   CAS
1-hydroxyethane-1,1-diphosphonic acid HEDP 2809-21-4
2-ethylhexyl acrylate 2-EHA 103-11-7
2-hydroxyethyl acrylate 2-HEA 818-61-1
2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate 2-HEMA 868-77-9
2-hydroxypropyl acrylate 2-HPA 25584-83-2
2-hydroxypropyl methacrylate 2-HPMA 27813-02-1
acrylic acid (glacial, HP, technical, diluted) GAA 79-10-7
adipic acid ADA 124-04-9
aminotrimethylene phosphonic acid ATMP 6419-19-8
benzoic acid BZA 65-85-0
n-butyl acrylate nBA 141-32-2
iso-butyl methacrylate iBUMA 97-86-9
n-butyl methacrylate nBUMA 97-88-1
2-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate DMAEMA 2867-42-2
ethyl acrylate EA 140-88-5
glycidyl methacrylat GMA 106-91-2
isobornyl acrylate IBOA 5888-33-5
isobornyl methacrylate IBOMA 7534-94-3
maleic anhydride MAS 108-31-6
methacrylic acid (glacial, diluted) GMAA 79-41-4
methyl acrylate MA 96-33-3
methyl methacrylate MMA 80-62-6
sodium benzoate SB 532-32-1
2-phosphonobutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylic acid PBTC 37971-36-1
styrene monomer SM


tert-butyl acrylate tBA


tris(2-hydroxyethyl) Isocyanurate THEIC 839-90-7
vinyl acetate monomer VAM 108-05-4




Our Services

Our customers are in a wide range of industries and are specialized in a variety of applications. No wonder that this results in the most diverse demands on the material used, delivery and storage. In cooperation with you, we develop customized solutions, adapted to your needs. This is made possible by our team, which has extensive experience and expertise in the global distribution of chemicals.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore we always have an open ear for your request, whether it is a bulk delivery, an import or a call-off order of packaged warehouse goods. We supply a large number of customers mainly in the fields of paints & resins, coatings, adhesives and sealants, PVC, water treatment, detergents & hygiene.

Together with our customers, we analyze their supply chain and develop strategies to ensure that the required products arrive at the right place in due time. Customized sourcing and procurement concepts are enabled by our long-term contacts and our global network. We focus on both short and long-term solutions, taking individual requirements into account.

Thus, we create more added value for our customers.

Our company is specialized in the distribution of chemicals. Blending and dilution of the products is carried out by qualified contract manufacturers. For the storage and transportation we also work together with service providers who have been connected and approved for many years. This enables us not only to distribute chemicals, but our customers also benefit from our wide-ranging logistics solutions.

In these days, global supply chains are developing rapidly and raw material markets are extremely dynamic. Thanks to our long-term partnerships and relationships with customers, suppliers and logistics service providers, we are always at the cutting edge. New developments and trends in international business are recognized by our experienced team at an early stage. This is how we can anticipate impacts on the chemical industry rapidly and reliably. Therefore our customers benefit from our expertise and are in the position to take adequate strategic decisions for their own company.

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