WE Chem and its  network of partners
WE Chem stellt 2 seiner Kooperationspartner vor | WE Chem introduces 2 of its cooperation partners

DIY Christmas Dog
Find a new friend in our pawsome DIY Christmas Dog!

Venture out of your comfort zone!
What does a child have ahead of an adult? What does that actually has to do with us? Read article when you are curious and brave enough...

03.11.2021 - 60 Jahre Uwe Marburger
Today is a very special day with a very happy occasion! Uwe Marburger, one of our managing directors, celebrates his 60th birthday!

Grumpy cat or early bird?
07 October - The day for everyone who is grumpy in the morning

August 26, Oh furry day!

Welcome Lennart Rieswick!
Please welcome our trainee Lennart Rieswick!

Once upon a time...
Ein Container HEDP auf dem Weg nach Rotterdam. Ein ganz normaler und unspektakulärer Importvorgang, wie man zunächst meinen kann. Doch dann kam ein Sandsturm... | A container of HEDP on its way to Rotterdam. A quite normal and unspectacular import process, as you might think at first. But then there was a desert storm...

Happy Easter!
WE Chem wishes Happy Easter!

n-BA Arrival in Finland
Ankunft eines Konvois von vier LKWs mit losem n-Butylacrylat (n-BA) auf dem Weg nach Finnland | Convoi of four trucks heading to Finland carrying bulk n-butylacrylate (n-BA)

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